PerSys Medical partners with M.A.S. Med Global Ltd.

First Care Products Ltd. (a portfolio company of Persys Medical) announced the completion of a partnership agreement with M.A.S. Med Global Ltd., to develop and manufacture the ADAM Tourniquet, the first fully automated pneumatic tourniquet.

The ADAM Tourniquet combines state-of-the-art technology with pneumatics to create the first smart tourniquet. With a simple one-handed operation, it is applied, locked, and activated. A self-regulating valve controls the device’s pneumatic component, which inflates the tourniquet maintaining an optimal pressure for vascular occlusion. The ADAM Tourniquet communicates with hospital systems by wirelessly transmitting the patient’s vital signs and location.

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“With the increasing global demand for bleeding control solutions for a wider range of caregivers, we expect the ADAM tourniquet system to become a key device in the field of trauma injuries. The ADAM tourniquet’s innovative features coupled with its ease of use, make it an optimal choice for law enforcement, the military, rescue agencies, public facilities, and more.” – Roee Madai, Chief Executive Office of First Care Products and Managing Director of PerSys Medical International.

“Emergency events such as automobile accidents, natural disasters, and terror attacks may happen in our daily life. The first responder in these emergency situations might be a non-professional bystander in the area. If available, a simple device to control bleeding can be a lifesaver. The ADAM Tourniquet is an intelligent device, which can easily be used by trained first responders as well as untrained civilians to save lives.” – Professor Gad Shaked, a Military Physician and Head of Trauma department at Soroka Hospital (Be’er-Sheva, Israel).

About PerSys Medical and First Care Products Ltd.

PerSys Medical is a Texas based medical device company, a global provider of innovations designed for Emergency Medicine personnel, serving hospitals, military, first responders and law-enforcement markets since the mid-90s. The company’s commitment to research and development has brought to market innovations in intraosseous vascular access, hemorrhage control, and hypothermia solutions. With a strong corporate brand and a superior product, Persys Medical maintains a worldwide network of distributors and representatives serving more than 60 countries.

First Care Products Ltd. is part of the company portfolio of Persys Medical which also includes WaisMed Ltd. and Blizzard Protection Systems Ltd. First Care Products Ltd. leads the industry in hemorrhage control products used in medical emergencies. Their most renowned product, the Emergency Bandage aka ‘the Israeli Bandage’, has become an integral component of emergency hemorrhage control and wound treatment. The Emergency Bandage, available in many versions, has proven to be reliable and effective both in the combat clinical setting and in the first responders sector.

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About M.A.S. Med Global Ltd.

M.A.S. Med Global Ltd. is a new and dynamic company with a mission to create cutting-edge medical devices. Together with its professional consulting team, MMG has developed an innovative pneumatic tourniquet that will provide the most appropriate medical response in the field and beyond.

Press Release: PM MAS Partnership Press Release 2016-07-26


Emergency Bandage Credited in Saving Gunshot Victim in Norman, OK

A quick thinking Norman police officer uses the Emergency Bandage to suppress bleeding and help save the life of a gunshot victim.

Oklahoma’s News Channel 4 reported on Sgt. Marcus Savage of the City of Normal Policy Department utilizing his provided Emergency Bandage to attend to a gunshot victim’s neck wound. “… Savage said he was able to suppress the victim’s bleeding with a special bandage that was recently put in every Norman officer’s car.”

Source: “I did almost certainly die,” Norman police officer helps save shooting victim with special bandage


PerSys Medical Showcases NIO at SOMA Cadaver Lab

At the 2015 SOMA Symposium, PerSys Medical held a cadaver lab in support of several products, primarily the NIO intraosseous device. The lab was a unique opportunity which gave participants hands-on experience with several different devices at once, with the knowledge and support of a clinical team ready to clarify confusion and answer questions. Feedback from participants was entirely positive.

Many individuals expressed the vitality of actually deploying the NIO into a cadaver, rather than using training tools, noting the importance of the hands-on cadaver experience. Across the board, participants felt the NIO was quick, easy, and very intuitive. In addition to the NIO, participants had the opportunity to use other products such as the Pocket BVM, Grip-ET, and the SOS Chest Seal. Overall, the SOMA cadaver lab was a very educational, eye-opening experience, leaving participants with a very positive impression of the NIO.

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