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Vascular Access

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File Name Last Updated
A Review of the Evolution of Intraosseous Access in Tactical Settings 04/01/2015
Analysis of Intraosseous Samples in Endotoxemic Shock 04/01/2015
Central Venous Lines in Emergencies 05/05/2015
Comparison of 3 Intraosseous Access Devices for Adult Patients 04/01/2015
Comparison: BIG vs. EZ-iO (2014) 04/01/2015
Coronary Perfusion Pressure Response to High Dose Intraosseous 04/01/2015
French Army Evaluation of The NIO 04/01/2015
Infusions of Blood Via Bone Marrow 03/18/2015
Insertion of an Intraosseous Needle 04/01/2015
Intraosseous Access in Trauma by Air Medical 04/01/2015
Intraosseous Access vs. Central Venous Catheters 05/05/2015
Intraosseous Devices for Intravascular Access in Adult Trauma Patients 04/01/2015
Intraosseous Versus Intravenous Infusion 04/01/2015
iO vs. CVC 05/05/2015
NIO Human Cadaver Clinical Summary 05/08/2015
NIO Human Cadaver White Paper 04/01/2015
Rapid and Equivalent Systemic Bioavailability 04/01/2015
Rapid Sequence Induction of Anaesthesia 04/01/2015
Ready-to-Use Devices for Intraosseous Injections 04/01/2015
Resuscitation: Intraosseous Access vs. Venous Vascular Access 05/05/2015
Saving the Critically Injured Trauma Patient - 1000 iO uses 04/01/2015
Similarities and Differences Between the BIG and NIO 04/01/2015
Summary of NIO Human Cadaver Studies 04/01/2015
The Accuracy of Sonographic Confirmation of Intraosseous Line Placement 04/01/2015
Twenty Year Follow Up of a Randomized Trial 04/01/2015
Vascular Access in Resuscitation 04/01/2015

Hemorrhage Control

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Hypothermia Prevention

All Hypothermia Prevention Studies

File Name Last Updated
US Army Institutional Report: Preventing Hypothermia 04/14/2015

Airway Management

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