With our intraosseous solution NIO, hospitals are able to deploy a low cost, compact, high efficacy solution that allows for fast, safe venous access whenever and wherever it is needed, while avoiding the unnecessary  risks, costs, and time associated with emergent CVC placement.

Clinically Proven Success

Safe on the bone.

The NIO has proven to be safe on the bone, and resulted in zero incidents of bone fracture as observed by post-insertion x-rays.

Easily tolerates common user errors.

A recent study evaluated common user errors related to needle placement and found that even when placed up to 5cm from the correct insertion site, the NIO maintained an 85% success rate.

First attempt success rates as high as 98%.

NIO™ by PerSys Medical


Emergent CVC Placement


… the first attempt success rate for NIO insertions is as high as 98% in as little as 10 seconds… while emergent CVC’s have a  first attempt success rate of 60%…with a mean insertion time of 9.9 minutes

New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine – Leidel, BA, et. al., The Intraosseous Access Route Fast and Efficacious Compared to Conventional Central venous Catheterization In Adult Patients Under Resuscitation…A Prospective Observational Pilot Study, Patient Safety in Surgery 2009