4BC Kit

Bleed Control Kit

The 4BC Kit is ideal for for self-aid or buddy aid in all settings and can be used by law enforcement, EMS, or immediate responders. The 4CB Kit, with its compact size and easy to follow instructions, is the optimal solution for anyone faced with an emergency medical situation involving blood loss.

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  • The 4BC Kit is heat-sealed, therefore its waterproof, providing the contents with maximum security.
  • The 4BC Kit is vacuum-sealed, therefore it’s small and slim so it can fit into a pocket of a pair of cargo pants.
  • The 4BC Kit has 3 separate packets, and each packet has notches for easy opening.
  • The 4BC Kit has printed drawings and instructions for use on the exterior of the packaging which helps the unprofessional user choose the right item, for the right juncture.
  • The 4BC Kit is transparent on one side, so the user can see the contents of each packet and read the treatment directions at the same time.
  • The 4BC Kit includes a perforation that allows it to be split into 2 smaller bags instead of one, thus allowing one to carry it, even without large pockets.
  • The 4BC Kit includes re-saleable zippers, so that the tourniquet can be used for practicing or training and can then be placed back into the bag.
  • The 4BC Kit is reflective orange, which makes it easy to locate.