Texas Tactical Paramedics Play a Vital Role

April 29, 2015

The advances in battlefield medicine in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade have begun to make their way to the law enforcement and police personnel who protect the US homeland. PerSys Medical has been proud to develop medical kits for the Texas Chief of Police Association as well as multiple other Law Enforcement and Tactical EMS units. Our WoundStop line of products was designed to provide police and EMS personnel with a cost effective bandage with the same capability of those found on the battlefield, based on the award-winning Emergency Bandage® pressure bandages.

In a recent article on, the Corpus Christi Tactical EMS team describes the foundation of their group and the need for combat care in the United States.

The group of paramedics was assembled in 1998 to aid a critical need for timely responses to personnel injured on the job, battalion chief Mickie Flores said.

The standby medics are a key component to a response system that this year saved a police officer’s life.

Valdez and firefighter Randy Lopez were honored for their roles in a Feb. 19 raid during which three officers were shot. Officer Andrew Jordan was the most critically injured.

Valdez received the department’s Medal of Honor — the highest award given to a survivor of a hostile encounter — for leaving a safe coverage area to help Jordan when bullets pierced his leg and forearm during the narcotics raid.

Lopez, 32, received the life saving award for getting Jordan to an ambulance within three minutes of being shot.

And much like his career shift 11 years ago, Valdez said his and Lopez’s presence at the raid was not planned.

Tactical EMS members are on call during days off from the department. They are rarely called into action when working a firefighter shift, but Feb. 19 was an exception as both were on the schedule.

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